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Our society is created to provide a platform for all students at the University of Birmingham to know more about Chinese culture and meet friends who share the same interests! No matter where you came from, all students are welcome to join us to have fun together! There will be a different type of events for students to join like Mandarin classes, Chinese board games, make your own Dim Sum sessions etc. Make sure you put them all in your Calendar! All events will be updated on our Facebook page & Wechat so please like our page to get our notifications!

欢迎来到伯明翰大学中国学生会官方网站,我们是来自伯明翰大学的中国学生自主创建的校官方中国社团。我们旨在宣传中国文化,组织社团活动丰富学生生活,并帮助新生更快的适应留学环境,无论是学习还是生活!我们诚挚地邀请大家加入我们的大家庭,并参与我们丰富多彩的各式活动,包括Language Buddy(与外国学生的语言互助),定期桌游活动,舌尖上的伯明翰(美食教学活动),外出郊游,万圣节、圣诞节、春节晚会等,快来和我们一起快乐,一起学习,一同体验并享受在英国生活与学习的美好时光!我们会在微信公众号和Facebook专页上放出最新活动,欢迎关注我们的官方账号

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微信公众号: UOB伯大中国学生会
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